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Simulation and gaming miscellany, 9 July 2015

Some recent items on conflict simulation and serious (and not-so-serious) gaming that may be of interest to our readers:

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As the BBC reports, he town of Sant’Eufemia a Maiella is transforming its main square into a giant map for the boardgame RISK:

The piazza in Sant’Eufemia a Maiella, located deep within Italy’s central Majella National Park, will be covered with a 650-sq-m (7,000-sq-ft) board as part of the event later this month, the local Il Centro website reports. It’s billed as the biggest game of Risk in the world by the event’s organisers. Artist Liberio Furlini spent 15 days painting the huge political map of the world used in the game. Super-sized playing pieces designed to fit with the gigantic board will be used by those taking part.

Risk is a strategy game where players try to occupy each territory on the board, thereby eliminating their competitors. The rules are being slightly simplified to allow more people to compete, but the tournament’s winner will need to brush up on all the finer details, as they’ll be offered a place at the national Risk championship.

“We have already seen 80 people sign up to take part from all over Italy,” Mayor Francesco Crivelli tells Metro News 24. And while the mayor is partial to a game himself, he might not fancy his chances at the tournament. “Usually I like to play using the green pieces, but I lose, I always lose,” he tells the channel.

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What would happen if Nobel Prize winner Peter Higgs was to answer physics-based Dungeons & Dragons questions? It might look something like this (satire/fiction). I swear I’ve had a couple of these debates myself.

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Brian Train’s new game of the Algerian war of independence, Colonial Twilight: The French-Algerian War, 1954-62, is now available for pre-order on GMT Games’ P500list. This is a two (or one) player version of GMT’s current COIN game system.

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A final reminder that the Connections 2015 interdisciplinary wargaming conference will be held at National Defense University in Washington DC on July 27-29.

I have no idea if Brant Guillory will be there again this year….

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Finally, an update on  AFTERSHOCK: A Humanitarian Crisis Game. Thanks to the technical and graphic wizardry of Tom Fisher, AFTERSHOCK is now in production. We’re just awaiting an initial copy from Game Crafter, and once we’ve checked that all is in order we’ll open up online orders to the public. If you’re at Connections 2015, you can see a copy there!

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