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Simulation & Gaming (August 2014)


The latest (double) issue of Simulation & Gaming 45, 4-5 (August 2014) is now available. It is a special symposium edition devoted to the topic of “engagement and simulation/gaming.”


Engaging (in) Gameplay and (in) Debriefing

  • David Crookall

Guest Editorial

Engagement in Simulation/Gaming: Symposium Overview

  • Alex Moseley and Nicola Whitton

Symposium Articles

Deconstructing Engagement: Rethinking Involvement in Learning

  • Nicola Whitton and Alex Moseley

Engagement as a Volitional Construct: A Framework for Evidence-Based Research on Educational Games

  • Michael Filsecker and Michael Kerres

Engagement Through Praxis in Educational Game Design: Common Threads

  • Dana Ruggiero and William R. Watson

Defining Engagement and Characterizing Engaged-Behaviors in Digital Gaming

  • Patrice Bouvier, Elise Lavoué, and Karim Sehaba

Stimulating Psychological Attachments in Narrative Games: Engaging Players With Game Characters

  • Bride Mallon and Ronan Lynch

Measuring Game Engagement: Multiple Methods and Construct Complexity

  • Rosa Mikeal Martey, Kate Kenski, James Folkestad, Laurie Feldman, Elana Gordis, Adrienne Shaw, Jennifer Stromer-Galley, Ben Clegg, Hui Zhang, Nissim Kaufman, Ari N. Rabkin, Samira Shaikh, and Tomek Strzalkowski

Engagement and Games for Learning: Expanding Definitions and Methodologies

  • Rachel S. Phillips, Theresa Horstman, Nancy Vye, and John Bransford

Measuring Video Game Engagement Through the Cognitive and Affective Dimensions

  • David Sharek and Eric Wiebe

Measuring Video Game Engagement Through Gameplay Reviews

  • David Kirschner and J. Patrick Williams

The Gaming Involvement and Informal Learning Framework

  • Ioanna Iacovides, Patrick McAndrew, Eileen Scanlon, and James Aczel


Influence of Context on Player Behavior: Experimental Assessment

  • Stefano Farolfi, Mathieu Désolé, and Patrick Rio

Reflective Redo From the Point of Error: Implications for After Action Review

  • Jon Scoresby and Brett E. Shelton

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  1. seachangesimulations 15/01/2015 at 11:56 pm

    It looks great, but is behind a pay wall :-(

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