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PAXsims 2014 in review


Another year comes to an end here at PAXsims. What did we get up to in 2014?

The website had over 80,000 page views this past year, a significant increase over the 65,000 or so we had in 2013. We have now totalled some 284,000 views since the website was established in January 2009. Our busiest month this year was November (9,440 views).

Viewers came from 187 countries and territories this past year. The top ten visitor countries were:

  1. United States (42%)
  2. Canada (12%)
  3. United Kingdom (8%)
  4. Germany (3%)
  5. Netherlands (3%)
  6. France (3%)
  7. Poland (3%)
  8. Australia (2%)
  9. Spain (2%)
  10. Italy (2%)


We have 206 regular subscribers via email or WordPress subscriptions. If you are a regular reader, you might consider joining them. Our top two contributors of blog comments in 2014 were Brian Train and John Curry, each of whom therefore wins a coveted Golden PAXsim. That’s Brian’s second win in a row, for those who might be counting.

Our most popular items posted in 2014 were:

  1. Gaming the crisis in the Ukraine
  2. Review: This War of Mine
  3. Review: Fire in the Lake
  4. ISIL matrix game AAR
  5. Teaching international relations through popular games, culture and simulations (Part 1)

Although it didn’t make the list, my personal favourite of the year was probably our symposium discussion on Women and (professional) wargaming.

The most popular items ever posted on the website are:

  1. Are video games “precision weapons in the Pentagon’s propaganda wars” ?
  2. COIN in Afghanistan: A Distant Plain
  3. Review: Rulers of Nations
  4. Review: Masters of the World
  5. Gaming the crisis in the Ukraine
  6. Invading America (the boardgame edition)
  7. Research Bibliography
  8. Review: A Distant Plain
  9. Do wargames glorify war?
  10. Online sustainable development games

Last but certainly not least, Gary and I welcomed two new associate editors to PAXsims: Ellie Bartels and Devin Ellis.

Our plans for 2015? Even more discussion, news, and debates on conflict simulation and serious gaming. Happy new year!

One response to “PAXsims 2014 in review

  1. brtrain 05/01/2015 at 8:24 pm

    Hurrah, I count, I actually count!!

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