Conflict simulation, peacebuilding, and development

Simulation articles in International Studies Perspectives (November 2014)


The latest issue of International Studies Perspectives 15, 4 (November 2014) has a large number of articles on simulation and serious gaming in international relations and political science. Several of these have previously been noted on PAXsims when they first appeared in “early view”.

Simulation Games in Teaching International Relations: Insights from a Multi-Day, Multi-Stage, Multi-Issue Simulation on Cyprus
  • Emre Hatipoglu, Meltem Müftüler-Baç and Teri Murphy

Simulating the European Union: Reflections on Module Design

  • Anwen Elias

Teaching Diplomacy by Other Means: Using an Outside-of-Class Simulation to Teach International Relations Theory

  • Dave Bridge and Simon Radford

National Security Council: Simulating Decision-making Dilemmas in Real Time

  • Jonathan M. DiCicco

The Drama of International Relations: A South China Sea Simulation

  • Tanya Kempston and Nicholas Thomas

The Dalig and Vadan Exercise: Teaching Students about Strategy and the Challenges of Friction and Fog

  • Victor Asal, Lewis Griffith and Marcus Schulzke

Assessing the Impact of Role Play Simulations on Learning in Canadian and US Classrooms

  • Mary Pettenger, Douglas West and Niki Young

Learning about Conflict and Negotiations through Computer Simulations: The Case of PeaceMaker

  • Esra Cuhadar and Ronit Kampf

Stimulating Learning by Simulating Politics: Teaching Simulation Design in the Undergraduate Context

  • Sara M. Glasgow

Virtual Worlds Can Be Dangerous: Using Ready-Made Computer Simulations for Teaching International Relations

  • Gustavo Carvalho

Misusing Virtual Worlds Can Be Dangerous: A Response to Carvalho

  • Jonathan W. Keller

Rejoinder to “Misusing Virtual Worlds Can Be Dangerous: A Response to Carvalho”

  • Gustavo Carvalho

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