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Daily Archives: 29/07/2014

Connections 2014, virtually


Brian Train reminds everyone that if you can’t attend next week’s Connections interdisciplinary wargaming conference at Quantico in person, you can still listen along to parts of it online:

So, it’s less than a week to go, but if you can’t come to MCB Quantico in person, you can still register to attend part of the conference remotely!

For the conference agenda (which marks which parts will be available remotely) and additional information, please see the website:

If you cannot attend in person, here is a registration form which will allow you to listen in to the speakers on a conference call. Slides will be made available by email so remote listeners can follow along with the presentations. Anyone wishing to register to participate in this dial-in conference call for part of the conference can register here to receive more information about the conference call.

I hope you’ll be able to attend, even if you can’t do so in person!

Once again, this conference is FREE – all it takes is your time.

I’ll be in attendance (and blogging) from the conference, along with my PAXsims colleague Gary Milante, so if you’re planning on attending in person—see you there!

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