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Daily Archives: 08/07/2014

MORS 82 virtual symposium


The Military Operations Research Society, which held its 82nd annual meeting last month (see here and here and here and here) was forced to reschedule its online “virtual” sessions due to earlier technical problems. As a result they will now be held on 23-24 July:

With the success of our in-person symposium, we believe the virtual symposium being held 23-25 July 2014 will be the advanced event you won’t want to miss.

In preparation for the Virtual Symposium please use this link to access the 82nd Virtual Symposium presentations, schedule and instructions on connecting to the presentations via DCO. We strongly recommend you visit this site prior to the start of the virtual sessions on 4 June to review the instructions and test your connection. All virtual and on-site registrants are invited to participate in the virtual presentations.

Everyone is invited to join us in the CG A virtual “room” for the kick-off on Wednesday 23 July 0900 – 0930 (eastern time). The 23 and 24 July sessions are unclassified and can be accessed by all (no CAC or government computer required). The 25 July sessions are classified and only accessible to those with access to the SIPR site.

We are looking forward to a great Virtual Symposium.

82nd Symposium Planning Team

The programme includes a few presentations on either wargaming or modelling and simulation that might be of interest to PAXsims readers.

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