Conflict simulation, peacebuilding, and development

Canadian Disaster and Humanitarian Response Training Program (May 2014)


Location:  McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

Full Course:  5th to 18th May  –  $2,400

Introductory Course: 5th to 9th May  –  $1,400

Advanced Course: 12th to 14th May –  $800 (Advanced course may only be taken if you have taken the introductory course or are an experienced field practitioner)

Simulation Exercise: 15th to 18th May –  $900

For more details, see the Humanitarian Training Initiative website here. See also this CBC News report on the 2013 simulation exercise, and this PAXsims review of last year’s course.

McGill University students in political science or international development studies Major or Honours programmes may take the full course for credit. Email me for details.

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