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Simulations miscellany, 11 October 2013


If you missed the last NDU Roundtable on Innovations in Strategic Gaming, the video of the event is now available online via Livestream. The two powerpoint presentations are also available:

* * *

At Foreign Policy magazine, Michael Peck interviews Larry Bond on the late Tom Clancy, and his use of the popular naval wargame Harpoon to help plot his books. You’ll also find discussion of  “Tom Clancy, Gamemaster” by Matthew Kirschenbaum here at PAXsims.

* * *

Also by Michael Peck, have a look at his pieces on Arab-Israeli wargames both at Foreign Policy magazine (“The Guns of October“) and The Forward (“War Games Depict History of Israel and Challenge Players To Win Conflict“).

* * *

The latest issue of Military Training & Simulation 5 (2013) is available via the Halldale Group.

One response to “Simulations miscellany, 11 October 2013

  1. seachangesimulations 22/10/2013 at 2:34 pm

    I think the best one of the Myths (in the presentation by Kristan and Melonie) is “The students are going to love this…” It says a lot about game-based learning Done Right. If the students end up struggling in the immersive environment, but then end up learning more, then the game was done right. The more I think about this, the more I think they are really onto something, and that there is very fertile ground for additional research here.

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