Conflict simulation, peacebuilding, and development

Afghan provincial reconstruction (optional rules)

As previously mentioned here at PAXsims, last term I modified the Afghan Provincial Reconstruction game to include a Taliban team, and also added associated “insurgency cards” that they could try to use to sabotage stabilization efforts. Since then, I’ve done still more tinkering by changing the turn sequence, reworking the “national stability index,” adding new provincial and national event cards.

I have had a request for those optional/revised rules, so if you’re interested here they are (pdf format). To make any sense of them you’ll need the original game. I also haven’t had a chance to playtest the latest version, so I can’t be sure that the game balance is quite right.


To read more about the game, click the links above, or read the article by game designers Roger Mason and Eric Patterson in Simulation & Gaming.


UPDATE (23/02/2014): The optional game rules have been updated, based on our most recent game.

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