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Daily Archives: 15/07/2013

Voting open for the 2012 Charles S. Roberts wargaming awards


Voting is now open for the Charles S. Roberts Awards for excellence in wargame design, in nineteen different categories:

  • Best Ancient to Napoleonic Era Board Wargame
  • Best Post-Napoleonic to Pre-World War 2 Era Board Wargame
  • Best World War 2 Era Board Wargame
  • Best Post-WW2 Era Board Wargame
  • Best Pre-20th Century Era Computer Wargame
  • Best 20th Century Era – Modern Computer Wargame
  • Best Science-Fiction or Fantasy Board Wargame
  • Best Science-Fiction or Fantasy Computer Wargame
  • Best Magazine Game
  • Best Desktop Published (DTP) / Print-and-Play / Postcard Game
  • Best Expansion or Supplement for an Existing Game
  • Best Board Game Graphics
  • Best Computer Game Graphics
  • Best Professional Game Magazine
  • Best Amateur Game Magazine
  • Best Historical/Scenario Article
  • Best Game Review or Analysis Article
  • James F. Dunnigan Design Elegance Award
  • Clausewitz Award HALL OF FAME

To vote, click the link above.



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