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Daily Archives: 02/07/2013

Wargaming information at the LBS website

Graham Longley-Brown is a very thoughtful analyst and practitioner of professional wargaming. He has a number of recent items at his LBS website that might be of interest:

There are a number of new posts on my website that, as people interested in professional wargaming, I think you will find useful and/or interesting. I’ve been busier than usual over the last few months so haven’t sent out regular updates as I’ve published new insights and observations or made new resources available.

Have a look at:

  1. New UK Course of Action Wargaming, Rehearsal of Doctrine Drills and Red Teaming doctrine. This is in the new UK Staff Officers’ Handbook (SOHB), but in condensed form. My original text contains important detail that has been omitted from the SOHB version for sake of brevity. I can’t say I’m happy with this editing but it was out of my hands. I’ve therefore made the full version available to download at
  2. UK DCDC Red Teaming Guide, Jan 13, link for download at (second post down)
  3. Links to useful professional wargaming resources on the internet. See (fourth post down)
  4. The importance of the Test Exercise when developing a wargame. See (fifth blog down)
  5. The pros and cons of 1-sided vs 2-sided wargames. See (third blog down)
  6. Reasons why an execution phase is so important (as opposed to just planning). See (fourth blog down)
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