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#NASAGAchat: Anastasia Salter on “Narrative in Games and Sims” (June 11)

The North American Simulation and Gaming Association has organized an online discussion with Anastasia Salter (University of Baltimore) on “Narrative in Games and Sims,” to be held via Twitter from 21:00 to 22:00 (EDT) on June 11.

Next week we will be welcoming Anastasia Salter to #NASAGAchat! She will be coming to chat with us and answer our questions about narratives in games and simulations – a topic she has been spending time on as part of her research into digital narratives. Anastasia is also presenting the ARG design workshop at NASAGA this year, so we will also talk about design of narrative driven experiences.

Come ready to talk about or listen to the stories we experience, the stories we tell about games and simulations, and how to incorporate narratives into your own designs!

You’ll find archived tweets from the previous #NASAGAchat on “Alternate Realities in Games and Sims” here.

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