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JPSE: Bringing Interactive Simulations into the Political Science Classroom

JPSEThe latest issue of the Journal of Political Science Education 9, 2 (2013) is a thematic issue devoted to “Bringing Interactive Simulations into the Political Science Classroom.” There is a lot of interest within:

  • Editors’ Introduction to the Thematic Issue: Bringing Interactive Simulations into the Political Science Classroom
    • Victor Asal, Nina A. Kollars, Chad Raymond & Amanda M. Rosen
  • Constructing International Relations Simulations: Examining the Pedagogy of IR Simulations Through a Constructivist Learning Theory Lens
    • Victor Asal & Jayson Kratoville

  • Simulations as Active Assessment?: Typologizing by Purpose and Source
    • Nina A. Kollars & Amanda M. Rosen

  • Assessment in Simulations
    • Chad Raymond & Simon Usherwood

  • Using Blackboard to Increase Student Learning and Assessment Outcomes in a Congressional Simulation
    • A. Lanethea Mathews & Alexandra LaTronica-Herb

  • Bureaucratic Politics and Decision Making Under Uncertainty in a National Security Crisis: Assessing the Effects of International Relations Theory and the Learning Impact of Role-Playing Simulation at the U.S. Naval Academy
    • Nikolaos Biziouras

  • Student Perceptions of a Role-Playing Simulation in an Introductory International Relations Course
    • Sean P. Giovanello, Jason A. Kirk & Mileah K. Kromer

  • Political Simulations Using Excel
    • Steven F. Jackson

  • Using a Virtual History Conference to Teach the Iraq War
    • Bruce Gilley
  • The Politics of School District Budgeting: Using Simulations to Enhance Student Learning
    • Daniel Wakelee & Tiina Itkonen

  • Book Review: Review of Making Civics Count: Citizenship Education for a New Generation
    • Jessica Feezell

The Journal of Political Science Education is sponsored by the Political Science Education Section of the American Political Science Association.

One response to “JPSE: Bringing Interactive Simulations into the Political Science Classroom

  1. Ronald Skip Cole 17/05/2013 at 6:10 pm

    The saddest thing about this, is that the Sea Change Online Roleplay Platform is not in it. We will rectify that soon!

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