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simulations miscellany, 30 April 2013


Some recent items on serious games and simulations that may be of interest to PAXsims readers:


A revised version of Stephen Downes-Martin’s presentation on “Adjudication: The Diabolus in Machina of War Gaming” (presented at the 2011 Connections conference, and also featured here in PAXsims) has now been published in the Summer 2013 edition of the Naval War College Review.


The University of Minnesota will be holding a humanitarian crisis simulation and field exercise from 31 May to 2 June 2013. This seeks to train participants to:

  • Understand common good practice, minimum standards, and how to improve the effectiveness and accountability of humanitarian program implementation.
  • Achieve humanitarian-based outcomes by using resources efficiently and effectively.
  • Develop collaborative skills, coordinating people and organizations at times of heightened complexity and risk.
  • Operate safely and securely in a pressured and changing environment.
  • Develop personal management and leadership skills.

You’ll find further information and registration details here.


The Public International Law & Policy Group will be holding a training session on “negotiating and drafting provisions related to natural resources in a peace agreement” for legal and policy practitioners on May 3 in Washington DC. The day-long session will include a negotiation simulation. Prior sessions in the series have included ceasefires, power sharing arrangements, transitional justice, and security sector reform. For more information, visit the PILPG website.

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