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Training simulations & serious games: benefits for teaching, assessment and employability

The Centre for Disaster Management at Coventry University, in conjunction with the Higher Education Academy,  is organising a one-day workshop on “training simulation & serious games: benefits for teaching, assessment and employability” on 14 March 2013.

Simulation and gaming provide an excellent opportunity to enhance learning in an alternative and engaging environment.  When developed and implemented appropriately, they can support problem-based learning, develop communication, decision making and management skills and, in the case of IT based approaches, develop digital literacy. At Coventry, staff with expertise in geography, environment, emergency planning and disaster management have worked together to develop and deliver a wide range of simulations, exercises and games. Different evaluation and assessment methods have been used to support student debriefing and feedback.

In this workshop, we will share some of our experiences in the use of simulation and gaming to support student learning. We will discuss some of the issues that have arisen from several projects, especially in the disaster/hazard management discipline. The event aims to bring together those interested in developing simulations and games to support teaching and learning, using a range of technologies from low tech to high tech.

You’ll find further information here.

h/t David Becker

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