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Professional gaming conferences feel the sequestration axe

sack022813As budget sequestration takes a bite out the discretionary spending by the US military, one casualty has been conference and workshop participation—including conferences on professional wargaming. Most military personnel (and other personnel at DoD institutions) have had support for conference participation severely restricted, if not suspended altogether.

The MORS special meeting on professional gaming that had been scheduled for 26-28 March, for example, will now be postponed to next fiscal year. Similarly, the Connections 2013 conference, scheduled for July 2103,  is also struggling to attract the usual number of US military participants given the absence of government travel funding.

Cartoon: Steve Sack, StarTribune

3 responses to “Professional gaming conferences feel the sequestration axe

  1. brtrain 05/03/2013 at 3:13 pm

    I quite agree with you Skip, as always. When budget cuts come, it’s always the easy, discretionary, pain-won’t-be-felt-in-the-short-term stuff that goes first. Like travel. Like attending conferences. Like spending a bit of time thinking about where you’re going; never mind that we ran out of road years ago, we gotta keep driving!
    Others have written about the anti-intellectual pasts of armies; I don’t think that’s a factor here, it’s just simple short-sightedness and bureaucratic routine, coupled with a childlike faith that they will be able to buy thier thinking off the vine, at any reasonably well-funded university in the eastern States. Just-in-time principle and all that.

  2. Ronald Skip Cole 05/03/2013 at 8:44 am

    This is dumb cutting. The analogy that I have in mind is that of cutting into one’s brain to shed weight. It is insane, and I don’t think it fair to blame the politician’s on this one. The funds for this compared to other items are just too small. (Maybe the military likes the idea of spreading the pain around: again insane. That would be like saying “Daddy needs to lose 10 pounds, so everyone in the family – including you anemic little Timmy – needs to lose 10 pounds.”)

    A smaller force needs better planning! Wargaming should be growing!

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