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simulations miscellany, 25 February 2012

Taliban Chess

Some recent items that might be of interest to PAXsims readers:


A new thread on asymmetrical, insurgent, and irregular warfare has recently started up at BoardGameGeek, with 163 posts (and counting) over the last three days.


On that same theme, Robert Hossal continues his own reflection on the challenges of designing a generic insurgency  wargame at his SmartWar blog.


The University of Kentucky Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce conducts a major crisis simulation for student each year—and this year it addressed cybersecurity. You’ll find the simulation news blog here, and a history of past simulations (via Twitter links) here.

One response to “simulations miscellany, 25 February 2012

  1. W.L. Hunter 28/02/2013 at 9:11 pm

    The asymmetrical, insurgent, and irregular warfare thread started up with the website I have been working on for the past 18 months at but the topic steered a bit off course for my site (focused more on modern conflict) so I moved it to it’s own announcement thread For those interested in ConSims dealing with the period from 1946 – Present. Now fully operational it offers forums, videos, podcasts, a blog and a library of titles to read and learn about. All are welcome to visit and explore this fast growing area of conflict simulators.

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