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Washington’s birthday and those treacherous French

FOX News is, it would seem, a little miffed by the new downloadable content for the video game Assassin’s Creed III released by Ubisoft earlier this week. The Tyranny of King Washington posits an alternative universe in which, after the American revolution, George Washington becomes a power-hungry dictator.

What’s more—and here is the shocking part—Ubisoft is a French company.

A day after the United States honored George Washington, a French software company released a video game that depicts the first president as a tyrant who hangs people and must be assassinated.

You’ll find more bemused coverage of this at Kotaku, and a review of the actual DLC here at IGN.

(Pssst, don’t tell FOX that The Tyranny of King Washington was codeveloped here in Montréal. Unlike the French—who strongly supported the American Revolution with ships, guns, and thousands of troops—we tended to think of it as dangerously radical Protestant jihadism and/or treasonous rebellion against the British Crown.)

One response to “Washington’s birthday and those treacherous French

  1. Ronald Skip Cole 23/02/2013 at 9:09 am

    You know, looking at the original Fox report, it seemed kind of matter of fact. The Kotaku article seems to have added the emotion.
    If Fox felt this newsworthy, I think it is mostly because they understand that American’s in general don’t know history, and often get it from poor sources. We have Oliver Stone now implying that the Cold War was an American invention. An American public that comes to believe that George Washington was a villain, is not inconceivable.
    History would indeed be quite different if Washington had not given up power – which is incredibly hard to do. And, like Fox, I don’t think that enough Americans appreciate that. So I can forgive them for being a bit touchy on the subject.

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