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Connections UK professional wargaming conference


The dates have now been confirmed for the inaugural Connections UK professional wargaming conference, which will be held at King’s College London on 3-4 September 2013:

Purpose. The purpose of the event will be to bring professional wargame practitioners together to share what we are doing and spread best practice. To quote Professor Phil Sabin (Kings College London): ‘the trouble is at present that there is too little awareness of what other individuals are doing, and we are losing in terms of mutual support and the sharing of good practice.’

Aim. The aim of Connections (US) is ‘To advance and sustain the art, science and application of wargaming.’ Connections (UK) will strive to do the same but the primary purpose of the initial event will be to learn what we all do and share best practice. A significant subsidiary purpose will be to discuss future events, their format and feasibility.

Target audience. We envisage a mix of: military wargame users; military wargaming practitioners (designers and analysts); and academics. Beyond that we see selected invitees from industry and recreational wargaming. Example organisations that might be interested include: Dstl, DCDC, The Defence Academy (e.g. JSCSCS, RCDS), the Warfare Centres, various universities, QinetiQ, Corda, GD etc. The key criterion for attendees is that you have something to say! We anticipate that, as wargame practitioners, everyone will have experiences and good practice to share; expect to be a speaker! We are working closely with our US colleagues’ and Peter Perla, Rex Brynen and Matt Caffrey have all expressed a desire to attend: all are world-class wargaming practitioners and it will be worth attending solely to hear what they say!

Duration. Two days seems ideal. This allows invaluable evening demo sessions and socialising and makes travelling worthwhile. Arrival on the evening of D-1 is anticipated with a meet and greet; then a gentlemanly start on D-Day, finishing about 1500 on D+1.

Cost. Connections UK is not a money-making enterprise; it is a service to the wargaming community. Charges will be as small as possible, sufficient to cover food, venue and whatever minimal administration is required.

Dates. The dates are confirmed as Tuesday 3rd September 2013 and Wednesday 4th September 2013.

Location. Kings College London.

Connections UK is an offshoot of the original Connections conference held annually in the US, organized by Matt Caffrey. As PAXsims readers will know, that conference is being held this year on 22-25 July at Tech^Edge, Wright Brothers Institute, 500 Springfield Pike, in Dayton, Ohio (Near Wright-Patterson AFB). I’m not sure I’ll get to Connections this year because of other obligations, but I am hoping to attend Connections UK.

3 responses to “Connections UK professional wargaming conference

  1. brtrain 16/02/2013 at 6:02 pm

    I’m hoping to attend this too. Haven’t been in London for almost 25 years.

  2. Rex Brynen 16/02/2013 at 6:04 pm

    We have to stop seeing each other like this, Brian–people will get suspicious! (Have you planned your Montreal travel dates yet, for Stack Academie?)

  3. brtrain 05/03/2013 at 4:55 pm

    As long as we keep meeting in off-shore locations I don’t think anyone will suspect!
    I booked my flights for Stack today – will be coming in on Tuesday 30 April as I wanted to see some of Montreal, haven’t been there since 1989. Leaving Sunday the 5. Looking forward to seeing you!

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