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CASL: Operations Research and Wargaming


The folks at the Center for Applied Strategic Learning at National Defense University will be convening another of their “Lectures on Strategic Gaming” on January 24th at 1130-1230. The speaker this time will LTC Mary Lou Hall (J8, Studies, Analysis and Gaming Division), who will presenting “We’re All McNamara’s Children: Connections between operations research and wargaming”.

As part of CASL’s efforts to reach a broad segment of the gaming community, the series will be conducted in a distributed environment. In this case, the event on January 24th will be held as a teleconference. To participate in the teleconference on January 24th, please RSVP to The presentation will later be publicly available here from the CASL website.

For those who have not joined us for this series in the past, the aim of the lectures is to create a resource for educating “journeyman” gamers outside of the dominant mentorship training methodology. The resulting library of presentations will help to bring gaming expertise and lessons-learned out ofisolation and ensure they are accessible to a wider community.

One response to “CASL: Operations Research and Wargaming

  1. seachangesimulations 09/01/2013 at 8:15 am

    Looks great. But I have to wonder about the title. Personally I have nothing against McNamara. The movie, ‘The Fog of War’ is something I consider a must-see. He played a role in saving humanity during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and saved hundreds of thousands of lives by championing seat belt laws.
    But there are still many, many people who view him as the embodiment of pure, cold, rational evil. Claiming to be his thought child is not the best PR, and it is definitely something to reflect upon.

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