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Daily Archives: 13/12/2012

Layout wonkiness

2012_maya3Visitors will notice that the layout of PAXsims has suddenly changed, with the sidebar having mysteriously vanished and reappeared as a footer—which doesn’t look right at all.

We’re not sure why this has happened—perhaps its some sign of the approaching Mayan apocalypse—but we have a support request into WordPress to get it fixed.

* * *

UPDATE: And, as strangely as the problem arrived, it seems to be fixed. We’ve even tweaked the font for good measure. Thanks be to the capricious Mayan gods!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Apparently the new font displayed poorly on some versions of IE, so it’s back to the original one.

Simulation & Gaming (December 2012)

SimultionGamingThe latest issue of Simulation & Gaming 43, 6 (December 2012) is now available:


Ready-to-use simulation



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