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War Office, Rules for the Conduct of the War-Game (1884)

As part of the current PAXsims mini-series of free 19th century wargaming material on the internet, we’re pleased to present the official UK War Office Rules for the Conduct of the War-Game (1884).

According to the preface, the rules were a revision of an earlier set released in 1872:

The present Rules for the War Game are revised from the original Rules published in 1872 by command of HRH the Field Marshal Commanding in Chief.

The revision has been made by a Committee of Officers assembled at Aldershot under the presidency of Major General F Willis CB In carrying out their instructions the Committee have aimed at consolidating the Rules and making them more easy of reference rather than at devising a new Code. The changes in War Material and organization which have taken place in the twelve years that have elapsed since the first issue of Rules have necessarily led to a great many changes in details in the Tables of Losses Possibility &c. The Committee have written to a large number of Officers interested in the War Game and have taken advantage of their suggestions in many particulars

They wish to acknowledge their special obligation to Colonel Lonsdale Hale for the valuable suggestions made by him

August 1884

SOURCE: Google eBooks.

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