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Daily Archives: 02/09/2012

Bartels, McCown, and Wilkie on Designing Peace and Conflict Exercises

While the special issue of Simulation & Gaming on simulations and peacebuilding (coedited by Gary and myself) has not yet been published, some of the articles have started to appear via SAGE Journal’s “Online First” ahead-of-print service. The first to so so is by Elizabeth Bartels, Margaret McCown, and Timothy Wilkie on “Designing Peace and Conflict Exercises: Level of Analysis, Scenario, and Role Specification.”

Attentiveness to and transparency about the methodological implications of the level of analysis selected for peace and conflict exercises constitute essential elements of good game design. The article explores the impact of level of analysis choices in the context of two key portions of exercises, scenario construction and role specification. It weighs the consequences of these choices in terms of the differing conclusions one can draw from exercises and potential pitfalls of careless choices. Finally, it argues that level of analysis considerations in game design parallels specific debates within segments of the social science literature, connections that are also explored in this article for their relevance to game design.

You’ll need a personal or institutional subscription to access the full article. Other items from the special issue will be appearing in the coming weeks and months.

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