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simulations miscellany, the Friday-the-13th edition

As usual, our periodic round-up of simulation-related items from around the net. Have suggestions for future material? Email us!

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Red Team Journal, which is devoted to “the practice of red teaming and alternative analysis,” will be relaunching soon. Gaming, of course, is one way in which alternative and competing perspectives can be developed.

* * *

Interested in “Wargaming Courses of Action During Other-Than-Major Combat Operations?” Well then read the piece by George Hodge at Small Wars Journal (22 June 2012).

* * *

Submissions for the 2012 International Serious Play Awards have been extended until July 15. the Awards are associated with the 2012 Serious Play conference, which will be held in Redmond, WA on 21-23 August.

* * *

We have their RSS feed here at PAXsims, but really to need to visit Play the Past often. All the smart kids do. They are way glossier than us, too!

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The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has released a new smartphone game, in which users can explore “My Life as a Refugee.” The game is available for both Android and iPhones, and can be downloaded for free here.

* * *

In a rather less humanitarian development, the China-Japan territorial dispute over the Diaoyu (Senkaku) islands is now a Chinese iPad game. The game involves the Chinese player gunning down waves of rather stereotyped Japanese invaders, and was apparently yanked from Apple’s Chinese online app store for violating its online terms of service agreement.

* * *

At ZenPundit, Charles Cameron muses that the best war game is a library of windows.

One response to “simulations miscellany, the Friday-the-13th edition

  1. Brant 15/07/2012 at 3:06 pm

    that SWJ article is pretty tightly focused on wargaming within the context of the Military Decision-Making Process.

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