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Daily Archives: 19/06/2012

Simulation & Gaming (June 2012)

The latest issue of Simulation & Gaming 43, 3 (June 2012) is now available online (although to read beyond the abstracts in most cases you will need a subscription). The issue focuses on “research methodology in gaming.”

Guest Editorial

Research Methodology in Gaming: An Overview

  • Frans Mäyrä, Jussi Holopainen, and Mikael Jakobsson

Symposium Articles

Social Constructionism and Ludology: Implications for the Study of Games

  • Markus Montola

Social Interaction in Games: Measuring Physiological Linkage and Social Presence

  • Inger Ekman, Guillaume Chanel, Simo Järvelä, J.Matias Kivikangas, Mikko Salminen, and Niklas Ravaja

Studying the Elusive Experience in Pervasive Games

  • Jaakko Stenros, Annika Waern, and Markus Montola

Natural Language Processing in Game Studies Research: An Overview

  • José P. Zagal, Noriko Tomuro, and Andriy Shepitsen

Players as Coresearchers: Expert Player Perspective as an Aid to Understanding Games

  • Kristine Jørgensen

Design for Research Results: Experimental Prototyping and Play Testing

  • Mirjam P. Eladhari and Elina M. I. Ollila

Rethinking Playing Research: DJ HERO and Methodological Observations in the Mix

  • Tero Karppi and Olli Sotamaa

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