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piracy returns to MMOWGLI

MMOWGLI—the Massive Multiplayer Online Wargame Leveraging the Internet, developed by the Naval Postgraduate School—is relaunching their piracy game on June 18, with naval personnel, NPS students, and other professionals and subject matter experts from around the world involved. As Don Brutzman reported last month on the MMOWGLI blog:

This week we had an excellent meeting at Oceans Beyond Piracy headquarters near Denver Colorado.  Together we have prepared an excellent game plan for the upcoming relaunch of a long-running piracy MMOWGLI game.  We will be examining and challenging the Lines of Effort found in their Independent Assessment Report on maritime piracy.

Our Piracy 2012 Call To Action video illustrates the importance of these topics.  We will be asking professionals to spend 30 minutes each week considering key questions facing the anti-piracy community.  Details are kept up-to-date on the Piracy MMOWGLI Games page.  The first weekly Line of Effort is Naval Operations.

The “slow start” exercise this past month was useful.  The next phase of activity will be more dynamic as we prepare the foundation for long-term community efforts.

For those interested in the development of the crowd-sourcing platform, you may want to have a look at this overview and status report presented by members of the MMOWGLI team to a January 2012 US Navy Maritime Liaison Office (MARLO) symposium, as well as the PAXsims archives for our previous reporting on the project. In addition to having previously examined the Somali piracy issue in earlier games, MMOWGLI has also been used to explored the challenge of naval operations in an era of increasingly scarce (and expensive) fossil fuels.

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