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Daily Archives: 04/06/2012

A brief (musical) history of video games—in three minutes

This video is a very clever history of the evolution of modern video games, using only sounds and music from within the games themselves. Produced for by Reverse Enginears, featuring P Sus.

More episodes will be made available at the computing/social media/gaming website The Verge.

h/t Lisa Lynch

Games for Change: What are the top 100 games everyone should play?

In cooperation with ESI design, the Games for Change folks are putting together a crowd-sourced list of the 100 top games that everyone should play.

At Games for Change, we use the power and fun of games for social good, but when it comes down to it, we’re just folks who love playing games.

At our Festival each year, Newcomers to gaming ask us, “What should I play to get started?” Some are referring to social impact games, but others just want great gaming recommendations.

Now, Games for Change and ESI Design invite you to answer that question by helping to create “The 100” – a crowdsourced list of the games everyone should play.

Connect with us and nominate your favorite game. Here’s how:

1. SIGN IN – You can use your Facebook, Twitter or other pre-existing accounts. You can also create your own unique login to The 100.

2. NOMINATE a game you think people should play to learn about good  gaming. Any format works, so it can be digital, physical, social, whatever. It can also be about any subject – it doesn’t have to educational, just great to play.

3. VOTE other games up or down to help decide which games make it into the top 100. Voting closes at 5 pm EDT on June 20. Don’t forget to join the discussion about each game you vote on!

To register and vote, click here.

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