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Software priorities for classroom roleplay

Skip Cole of Sea Change Simulations is currently running an online poll that asks “What are the features of the software we need to get teachers to run role plays in their classrooms?

So far, the top four answers (based on more than 400 replies from educators) are:

  1. Simple enough overview tutorial that newbies can understand and follow from A – Z, then implement with minimal assistance.
  2. Ability for teachers to be able to modify simulations to their needs.
  3. Add discovery learning open environments.
  4. Ability to track the actions of the students so they can be ‘played back’ during a debrief

At the moment the poll is still open, so you can contribute your own thoughts on the matter here.

One response to “Software priorities for classroom roleplay

  1. Ronald Skip Cole 01/06/2012 at 7:20 am

    Hi Rex,
    Thanks for helping us get the word out about this survey!
    The nice thing about these ‘Kitten Wars’ style polls is that they can run for extended periods of time and allow good ideas from the community to bubble up to the top.

    BTW, I think sometimes people discount this methodology because of the ‘Kitten Wars’ example, but I’ve heard Matt Salganik, the sociology professor at Princeton who created the All Our Ideas web site, talk and there is solid science behind it. It has also been used in many places, including Princeton and Catholic Relief Services, and gotten great results.

    Vote early, vote often :-)


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