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Daily Archives: 02/05/2012

Connections 2012 update

An update on the forthcoming Connections 2012 wargaming conference at NDU:

From London England to LA California Connections 2012 will bring together the leaders, the innovators from each community within wargaming. Hosted again this year at the National Defense University, Washington , DC, Connections will take place from Monday 23 July through Thursday 26 July.

Since 1993 the Connections interdisciplinary wargame conference has worked to advance and sustain the art, science and application of wargaming.  It has done so by bringing together wargame practitioners from across the elements of the field; military, recreational, academic and more recently even business. This is done so the participants can learn needs, achievements, and best practices from each other and from experts in areas typically not wargamed or not wargamed well.

Connections 2012 includes several innovations that promises to make it the best Connections to date.

The innovations start before the formal kickoff of the conference. Traditionally Monday of the conference consists of two optional tutorials in the afternoon (wargaming 101 and Defense 101) and an evening icebreaker.  This year Connections is adding a tutorial by Joseph Miranda on wargame design. As the most prolific print wargame designer worldwide and the editor of Strategy and Tactics magazine Mr. Miranda is perhaps THE most qualified instructor for this tutorial. After the icebreaker for the first time we will be conducting a 1940’s vintage wargame.   Its design permits all/any who would like to participate to quickly learn all they need to know to jump in and participate.

Innovations continue with the formal opening of our conference.  One of our keynote speakers will be Professor Philip Sabin, author of Simulating War will be speaking by streaming video from King’s College London.  In addition to our standard speaker panels, working groups, demos of wargames and associated technologies as well as mentored execution of selected wargames, for the first time we will conduct a “Game Lab” during which all can participate in wargame design.

Finally, Thursday morning we will continue and expand last year’s innovation: streaming video of our working groups – and this year our Game Lab – out briefs to organizations and individuals who could not attend Connections in person.

Further information can be found at the conference website here.

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