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5th annual Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds Conference

The 5th annual Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds Conference will be held in Washington DC on 16-18 May:

5th Annual Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds Conference: Inspire the Future 

May 16, 17 & 18

National Defense University, Washington DC

Don’t forget to register for the best FCVW Conference Program ever!

Conference schedule will be on the FCVW website ( very soon.

WORKSHOPS—May 16: You will have the choice between 17 workshops offered throughout the day.

Three-hour workshops include: iHub (Stylianos Mystakidis), DoD Virtual Worlds Framework (Carl Rosengrant), and Developing Content in Unity 3D (Eric Hackathorn).

75-minute workshops include: Authentic Avatar (Brock-Richmond), Designing 3D VW Education & Training Courses (Reyer), Cognitive Ethnography (Dubbels), Immersive Intelligence and 3D Data Virtualization (Richard Hackathorn), Growing Your Organizations vTraining Presence (Perkins), PTSD (Kevin Holloway), Microsoft and VW, VWs for Analysis and Experimentations (Aguilar), Lessons from goXOgo (Kearney), NTER (Cohen), Personal Transformation in a VW (Deveneaux), Advanced Telemedicine (Dillion), MOSES Open Simulator (Maxwell), and Using Serious Games in OpenSim to Model Taxpayer Behavior (Creekmore). Schedule will be available this week.  More detailed information on each workshop will be available on our website by April 30.

SPEAKERS: We have incredible speakers this year.  Check out the schedule and bios of the speakers on the website.

Randy Hinrichs, CEO 2b3d and editor of “Transforming Virtual World Learning” and “Engaging the Avatar” will be the opening keynote!

James Blascovich, Director and co-founder of the Research Center for Virtual Environments at UC Santa Barbara and co-author of “Infinite Reality: The Hidden Blueprint of our Virtual Lives will discuss the reality of the avatar.

Michelle Fox, Chief Strategist for Education and Worksforce Development at the Department of Energy will show us the NTER project and its virtual world capabilities.

Jesse Schell, game designer  at Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center will challenge us to think outside of the box with games and 3D environments.

PANELS: Charles Wankel, author and editor of more than 30 books, including a co-Author of Transforming Virtual World Learning (Cutting-Edge Technologies in Higher Education) (2011) and Higher Education in Virtual Worlds: Teaching and Learning in Second Life (International Perspectives on Education and Society) (2009) is putting together a great education panel.   Other panels include: a telemedicine panel led by Kevin Holloway, Army psychologist from T2 and award winner for his PTSD island; DoD panel that will address the use of OpenSim MOSES Project a virtual world space for groups in DoD and led by Douglas Maxwell, Science and Technology Manager Virtual World Strategic Applications created by Army Research Labs.  The final panel will address the important topic of Cyber Security in Virtual Worlds.  The Panel will be led by Barbara Endicott-Popovsky, the Director for the Center for Information Assurance and Cybersecuity and the Academic Director, Master of Infrastructure Planning and Management at the University of Washington.   More details with panel membership will be posted on the website no later than April 30.

GOVERNMENT POSTER SESSIONS: We still have room for a few more government project poster sessions.  Awards will be given for the best poster sessions voted by conference participants.  If you have a virtual world or 3D collaborative game project with the government, please send your name and contact information in an email to   Complete list of government poster sessions will be posted by April 30, 2012 on the website.

VENDOR FAIR: We still have some vendor spaces available for the conference vendor fair.   Please send your inquiries ASAP and we will send you the information you will need to be part of this conference.

RECEPTION (May 17) 3:30-7:30—Come and network with a great group of people, see government projects, and interact with vendors.

Paulette Robinson, PhD
Associate Dean for Teaching, Learning &Technology
National Defense University, iCollege
Washington DC

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