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NDU: Peter Perla on “The Way of the Wargamer” (April 4)

The Center for Applied Strategic Learning at National Defense University  is launching a series of bimonthly lectures on strategic gaming. Unlike their quarterly roundtables (which are largely aimed at established pol-mil gamers), the new lecture series is especially intended for the “journeyman” (or “journeywoman”) gamer who is relatively new to this area. the first such lecture will take place on 4 April 42012 via teleconference:

The Center for Applied Strategic Learning (CASL) is pleased to invite you to participate in our new series Lectures on Strategic Gaming. These lectures are designed to provide gamers in the early and middle stages of their career with an understanding of key concepts, methodologies and introduce them to leading thinkers in the field. Regular lectures will be held in a live teleconference format where participants will have the opportunity to listen to a presentation by experienced members of the field and ask questions. The presentation and associated resources will be maintained on the CASL website, and over time will form a resource library for the gaming community.

This endeavor seeks to preserve the field’s historic and cross-institutional memory in order to enable gamers to break into the field outside of the dominant “mentorship” training methodology. The library will help to bring gaming expertise and lessons-learned out of isolation and ensure they are accessible to a wider community.

The first lecture of the series will feature Dr. Peter Perla of the Center for Naval Analysis, and author of The Art of Wargaming. We invite you to participate in our opening lecture via teleconference, or to visit our website ( at a later date to access the lecture and supporting materials.

What: Lectures on Strategic Gaming: “The Way of the Wargamer” by Dr. Peter Perla

When: Wednesday, April 4th from 1100-1200

RSVP: Please email to receive instructions on accessing the teleconference line as well supporting materials for the lecture.

For more information about this program, please contact Ellie Bartels ( or Katrina Dusek (

It is difficult to think of anyone who could provide a better introduction to wargaming than Peter, so we strongly urge those interested in serious gaming to (virtually) attend. In the meantime, we’ll leave you with a link to the piece that Peter and Ed McGrady published last year in the Naval War College Review (Summer 2001), Why Wargaming Works.

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