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Daily Archives: 11/03/2012

Songs of Cyberia (the sounds of simulation)

I’ve spent much of the weekend gearing up for the annual Brynania civil war simulation at McGill University, which will be held this year from March 28 until April 4. Since I launched it in 1997, the fictional universe of Equatorial Cyberspace (“Cyberia”) has come to be furnished with all sort of student-generated cultural backdrop—including artwork, poetry (lots and lots of poetry), and even a Harry Potter novel. None of this is a required part of the course. Instead, it is an expression of energetic McGill students immersing themselves in the fictional simulation universe. It is also a humorous way of letting of steam during a intensive simulation that runs 12 hours a day for a full week, during the busiest part of the term.

Of particular note is the music that has been written and recorded for the simulation over the years by various campus musicians, as well as the not-always-so-musical. With Cyberian music undoubtedly poised to sweep the entertainment world one day soon, I’m pleased to give you The Songs of Cyberia:

Qual Rexton
Qual Rexton’s Greatest Hits 

Known as the “Bard of the Revolution,” the haunting, lyrical ballads of Uqami folksinger Qual Rexton have inspired revolutionaries across Equatorial Cyberspace for more than two decades.

  • Berri-Degoba (2.2mb mp3 format). Whilst travelling on Uqamistan’s single rail line from the capital to the city of Degoba, the artist reflects on the Zaharian struggle for freedom in southern Brynania.
  • Uqamistan (2mb mp3 format). A patriotic song of the revolution, often sung by Uqami football fans at matches of the Cyberian Premier League.
  • If I Forget Thee oh Rexingrad (2.2mb mp3 format). A bitter reminder of Uqamistan’s historical struggle to maintain its independence against the forces of British colonial encroachment.
  • Burn Those Western Pigs (550kb mp3 format). A more contemporary anti-imperialist song.

Big E & Northside Crew (featuring French E)

The ZPF militants of Camp #6

  • The Movement (4.8mb mp3 format). The militant musicians of refugee camp #6 praise the struggle of the radical vanguard of the Zaharian nationalist movement.

Stephanie Butcher
Radio Unity’s Golden Hits

  • Rebels Won’t Succeed (3.8mb mp3 format). The mournful melodies of Butcher’s song reminds of us of the terrible human toll exacted by Zaharian rebel attacks. Years after its release, it continues to occupy #1 position on the charts at pro-regime Radio Unity.

Brendan Clarke
Release Me!

  • Zahra al-Zahra (4.7mb, mp3 format). Clarke reminds us that imprisoned human rights activist and poet Zahra al-Zahra is out of sight, but never out of mind.

Cyberian Frost
Zaharian Mortem

Jenny Woo

  • Uqami Freedom Song (3.1mb, mp3 format). Part of the “people’s music” campaign that swept Uqamistan, Woo proves to us that anyone can sing to further the cause of the toiling masses in the face of the oppressive structures of twilight capitalism.

Russia Today
Songs of a Brynanian Nomad (YouTube)

In this rare documentary footage, Brynanian nomads sing about their life, hopes, and dreams.

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