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Amnesty International + Call of Duty MW3?

A couple of weeks ago, the blogosphere and Twitter were full of news of an innovative partnership that pointed to new ways in which digital games and social causes could work together to raise funds and build awareness. According to reports and the video below, for $1 players of the popular tactical shooter game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 could purchase a special map and game mod. This would allow access to a hostage-rescue scenario, while the money would go Amnesty International’s global human rights campaigns.

…except it isn’t true. The video is simply a conceptual experiment by a small group of advertising students. It doubtful that AI had anything to do with it at all. It is certainly clear to anyone that has the slightest knowledge of AI’s work that they weren’t likely to partner with a game that is all about killing, and often in ways that are not compliant with international humanitarian law.

What is striking in all this is not that someone suggested it. As student work, it is rather interesting, and the advertising world is certainly full of edgy videos intended to demonstrate creative cleverness (as illustrated by this classic example—which had nothing to do with VW, who were rather annoyed by the negative publicity it generated when the video went viral).

Rather, what is revealing the extent to which so many websites picked up on the story without expressing doubts or bothering to check, once more highlighting the thin line between “gamification” and simple unquestioning fad-ism.

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