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Daily Archives: 29/01/2012

Peacekeeping missions and the protection of (simulated) civilians

The Policy, Evaluation and Training Division of the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations has recently produced a six part training module on the protection of civilians and the prevention of/response to conflict-related sexual violence. The first five modules address key themes, while the sixth module consists of a dozen scenario-based exercises which examine the sorts of situations that might confront a UN peacekeeping mission charged with the protection of civilians. The exercises are set in the conflict-affected of Carana, the fictional country used (in differing ways) by the UN, African Union, and World Bank for training simulations.

You’ll find the full set of modules available online at DPKO’s Peacekeeping Resource Hub. The Carana exercise material can be found there in four parts (here, here, here, and here). In addition to the scenarios outlined in the materials, the package contains ample background information on the country, region, conflict, and peacekeeping mission that could easily be adapted by a course designer to create other exercises.

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