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LA Times: How global conflict shows up in computer games

From the online version of the Los Angeles Times (27 January 2012):

Earlier this month, an Iranian court handed a death sentence to a former U.S. Marine of Iranian descent who was convicted of spying for the Central Intelligence Agency. One strange twist in the case was that the defendant allegedly confessed to using video games to manipulate public opinion.

Iranian state television broadcast a purported confession by Amir Mirzaei Hekmati saying he worked for a gaming company that was funded by the CIA “to convince the people of the world and Iraq that what the U.S. does in Iraq and other countries is good and acceptable.”

Strange as it may seem, this isn’t the first time that video games have played a part in foreign disputes. Rex Brynen, a political science professor at McGill University in Montreal who co-edits a blog on conflict simulation, answered our questions about how computer games reflect global tensions.

You’ll find the full interview here.

One response to “LA Times: How global conflict shows up in computer games

  1. macbook pro apple 15/03/2012 at 10:54 am

    All I am able to say is wow. I’ve never ever checked out it this way, but I appreciate you posting it. I will continue to be a daily reader of the blog.

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