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Daily Archives: 26/11/2011

“War Games” documentary

War Games is a forthcoming documentary by Paul Schilens that examines the interconnections between the military and military videogames:

War Games explores the emotional and controversial effects of war-themed game play while questioning the U.S. military’s involvement with the gaming industry’s development of war and battle simulation. It follows the desire for war simulation from early childhood to adulthood and discusses the accuracy of realism while exploring the central question, ‘Do war games glorify war?’ Veterans, gamers, developers and researchers will discuss their viewpoints on the increased popularity, impact, and future of war games.

The Facebook page for the project is here, but neither it nor the main website have (as of the time of posting) been updated for some months, so the staus of the project is a little unclear.

h/t Matt Kirschenbaum

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