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Daily Archives: 16/11/2011

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FP Gets Its Game On

We’re very happy to report that Michael Peck, US editor at the Training & Simulation Journal and some-time PAXsims contributor, will now be writing on games and simulations at Foreign Policy magazine too. As Michael notes:

I am now the Games Editor at Foreign Policy magazine. I’ll be doing a column – possibly a weekly column – on games as they relate (or as I relate them) to foreign and defense policy. It will a fun column with a serious purpose, which is to show that games can make a difference in this world and still be enjoyable. The fact that games will be covered by such an influential magazine is extremely significant.

Publishers and designers that think their games might be of interest can contact me. And I look forward to seeing the comments from the gaming and simulation communities on the Foreign Policy site. It’s important that you make your voices heard.

Given the very wide readership of Foreign Policy magazine, this is really great news for the simulation community. We look forward to seeing what he has to say, and certainly encourage PAXsims readers to pass on story ideas to him.

Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran

Michael’s recent pieces at Foreign Policy magazine and Wired’s Danger Room about the boardgame Persian Incursion has stimulated considerable virtual discussion (including a lively discussion on the milgames discussion list as to when wargaming may not be the best way of exploring policy options, an issue about which I’ll blog soon). Among the recent contributions is a two part series of reflections by Charles Cameron at Zenpundit on wargaming a strike against Iran. Worth a read.


MMOWGLI (the “Massive Multiplayer Online Wargame Leveraging the Internet”) recently ran a couple of games, sessions “Alpha” and “Bravo”.  You can track some of the results, and keep up on other MMOWGLI news, at their game blog.

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