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Free “Occupy Wall Street” simulation

Sea Change Simulations is offering a free “Occupy Wall Street” simulation (using the USIP Open Simulation Platform) to the first five qualified course instructors who contact them:

Put your students into the muddy shoes of an OWS member, or the polished wingtips of a Banker, or those President Obama, or any one of the other various players, and let them negotiate out a solution to the problems that the United States faces.

The action can be completely online, or partially online with some face to face negotiations thrown in. It is up to you, and we will provide the platform for free until

This simulation will be free to the first 5 instructors from certified educational institutions who contact us. Please note, participating in this will require that the instructor watches 3 short youtube videos so they know how to conduct the simulation using the open source simulation platform developed at the United States Institute of Peace.

You’ll find more information at their website here.

2 responses to “Free “Occupy Wall Street” simulation

  1. Skip Cole 04/11/2011 at 5:35 pm

    Rex, you are like Savoir Faire because, “Savoir faire is everywhere!” (And you’re Canadian.)

    No sooner do I post something, than you spot it :-)
    Are you a Firefly fan? I’d bet a pretty penny the answer to that is “Yes.” If that is the case, then you’ll appreciate the reference when I liken you to “Mr. Universe.”

  2. Rex Brynen 05/11/2011 at 9:27 am

    I just hope some guy doesn’t stab me with a sword!

    Let me know when the “free sim” offer is fully taken-up/expired, so that we can post an update.

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