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Pax Mondial/D4 Training Solutions seminar on civil-military relations

Eileen Guo of D4 Training Solutions passed on this announcement of a forthcoming seminar on civil-military relations that will involve an element of simulation-based training, to be held in Arlington VA on November 1:

Seminar Series Invitation

Pax Mondial is pleased to host a special event as part of its ongoing seminar series

dedicated to individuals and organizations traveling and/or operating abroad.

Join others from the international development, humanitarian, and stability operations sectors

for an afternoon session to benefit from shared expertise, experiences, and insights.

Seminar #4 (Tuesday, November 01 2011):

Preparing Professionals for Civil-Military Operations

An interactive simulation designed to engage and educate seminar participants about
how to mitigate some common challenges of civil-military cooperation. This event will be run by

D4 Training Solutions LLC, a consultancy that provides training and support services for teams
engaged in all aspects of stabilization work: diplomacy, defense, development, and disaster response.

Main Speakers:

Eileen Guo, D4 Training Solutions

Rob Ness, D4 Training Solutions

Britt Sloan, D4 Training Solutions

Date and Time:

Tuesday, November 01 2011

1:00 to 3:00 pm


Pax Mondial HQ

1560 Wilson Blvd, Suite 901

Arlington, VA 22209

Click here for a map.


Space is limited. To RSVP, please contact us by Friday, October 28 2011, at or +1 703 773 7318 x17.

We look forward to your participation.

Tentative future seminar topics include: Traveler WelfareConflict Mitigation: Principles and Practice.

Feel free to suggest potential topics.


Pax Mondial provides adaptive and comprehensive operational support services,

enabling its partners to expand capacity and operate effectively in

high-risk environments and emerging markets.

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