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Daily Archives: 28/10/2011

Blog-based wargaming?

In addition to a shout-out to a very good piece by Peter Perla and Ed McGrady on Why Wargaming Works from the Summer 2011 issue of Naval War College Review, the Information Dissemination maritime strategy/strategic communications blog currently features an interesting discussion of using a blog as the basis for an online wargame/crowd-sourcing exercise.

There are already a few hobby wargamers who have tried this. I’ve certainly used blogs in a variety of ways in my own simulations, whether as mechanisms for players to articulate their positions, as repositories of background material, or as the primary vehicle for disseminating scenario events. At the 2008 Chatham House simulation on Palestinian refugee negotiations, for example, a simple WordPress blog (the “Chatham House News Service“) was used to transmit information to the participants in real time. Partly, the game moderators wrote the blog posts based on actions taken by the players, but also we had a few experienced Middle East journalists acting as journalists, interviewing players in-character and then filing their stories through us. Teams were also able to use the blog to issue public statements. Finally, the blog acted as a source of scenario background information, and contained links to outside resources that players might find useful. All-in-all it worked very well (despite a failure of the wifi system in the conference venue the night before—thankfully fixed before we started through the simple expediency of unplugging and replugging the router.)

Ideas on the topic? Post them here or there.

Pax Mondial/D4 Training Solutions seminar on civil-military relations

Eileen Guo of D4 Training Solutions passed on this announcement of a forthcoming seminar on civil-military relations that will involve an element of simulation-based training, to be held in Arlington VA on November 1:

Seminar Series Invitation

Pax Mondial is pleased to host a special event as part of its ongoing seminar series

dedicated to individuals and organizations traveling and/or operating abroad.

Join others from the international development, humanitarian, and stability operations sectors

for an afternoon session to benefit from shared expertise, experiences, and insights.

Seminar #4 (Tuesday, November 01 2011):

Preparing Professionals for Civil-Military Operations

An interactive simulation designed to engage and educate seminar participants about
how to mitigate some common challenges of civil-military cooperation. This event will be run by

D4 Training Solutions LLC, a consultancy that provides training and support services for teams
engaged in all aspects of stabilization work: diplomacy, defense, development, and disaster response.

Main Speakers:

Eileen Guo, D4 Training Solutions

Rob Ness, D4 Training Solutions

Britt Sloan, D4 Training Solutions

Date and Time:

Tuesday, November 01 2011

1:00 to 3:00 pm


Pax Mondial HQ

1560 Wilson Blvd, Suite 901

Arlington, VA 22209

Click here for a map.


Space is limited. To RSVP, please contact us by Friday, October 28 2011, at or +1 703 773 7318 x17.

We look forward to your participation.

Tentative future seminar topics include: Traveler WelfareConflict Mitigation: Principles and Practice.

Feel free to suggest potential topics.


Pax Mondial provides adaptive and comprehensive operational support services,

enabling its partners to expand capacity and operate effectively in

high-risk environments and emerging markets.

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