Conflict simulation, peacebuilding, and development

Journal of Virtual Worlds Research

The latest (September 2011) issue of the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research is all about government and military applications of virtual worlds:

Research Papers

  •  Applied Virtual Environments: Applications of Virtual Environments to Government, Military and Business Organizations
    • Patrick D. Allen, Chris C. Demchak
  • Virtual nation branding: the Swedish embassy in Second Life
    • Stina Bengtsson
  • MuniGov 2.0, A New Residency Requirement: Local Government Professionals in Second Life
    • Ines A Mergel, Michelle Gardner, Pamela Broviak, William Greeves
  • Virtual Reality and the Criminal Justice System: New Possibilities for Research, Training, and Rehabilitation
    • Bobbie Ticknor, Sherry Tillinghast

Research-in-brief Papers

  • Avatars and Security Clearances: How can we reconcile the two?
    • Michael P Cummins
  • Two Navy Virtual World Collaboration Applications: Rapid Prototyping and Concept of Operations Experimentation
    • Douglas Maxwell, Steven Aguiar, Philip Monte, Diana Nolan

“Think pieces”

  • Avatars as the first manifestation of geo-politically unconstrained global citizens
    • Randy J. Hinrichs

You’ll find the full articles (as pdfs) at the journal link above.

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