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Daily Archives: 17/08/2011

Does the field need a professional wargaming journal?

…Matt Kirschenbaum obliquely raises the issue at Play the Past. Brant Guillory seems to like the idea. I’m not so sure—and see why, over at Wargaming Connection.


Ellie Bartels and Jon Compton weigh in too.

Who needs to invent a fictional country?

When we’ve already got so many?

Will Potter's transition government choose justice or reintegration for surviving Death Eaters?

This very clever article at Foreign Policy scratches a lot of the same itches that a thoughtful simulation of post-conflict reconciliation would.

Rowling’s world has depth, is well known and provides numerous applications of post-conflict principles – I looked past a few of the stretches in favor of the clever and thorough literature references.

Dual hat tips to Laura Bailey and Shanti Kalathil (both fellow Bankers!) for pointing me to a very cool read.

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