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Daily Archives: 15/08/2011

Earthquake strikes Carana!

According to the US military’s Africa Command (AFRICOM), a major earthquake struck near the country of Carana last month

…causing extensive damage to coastal cities, especially the capital Galasi. The incident further exacerbates an already existing humanitarian emergency situation where up to 12,000 refugees are struggling after nearly 20 years of internal strife, tribal conflict and armed clashes between the military and rebels. Aggravating the situation, there exists no strong communications network outside metropolitan areas. Despite basic foodstuffs being available in markets, a majority of the population is incapable of providing the necessary food to meet subsistence level nutritional needs for their families.

Poor Carana—which already sees more than its fair share of political turmoil, ethnic tensions,  economic crisis, insurgency, and civil wars—now seems to be suffering from natural disasters too.

Carana, of course, is the fictional country used (in various different forms) by the UN, African Union, World Bank, and others for simulations and exercises. The recent Africa Endeavor 2011 exercise sponsored by AFRICOM was intended to promote greater interoperability of communications equipments and protocols among African states.

AFRICOM commander General Carter Ham explained the importance of regional exercises like AE 2011 to build African capacity to deal with natural disasters and humanitarian emergencies, noting that “The same violent extremists that threaten Americans threaten Africans as well.”

Ahh well, there’s always that too.

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