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Peaceconferencing 2011

We’ve mentioned before at PAXsims the work that Kristen Druker at the Bishop’s School is doing using USIP’s Open Simulation Platform in the classroom. A new video on YouTube provides further insight into her efforts:

An online interactive program for schools, colleges, and the adult community that provides a gaming simulation based on world conflict resolved at a peace conference.

Through three phases of Peaceconferencing, students, teachers, librarians and adult educational communities interface online to support face to face and virtual mediation- negotiation simulations. The use of computer assisted learning, specifically a technology platform that is designed for community networking, as well as, the acquisition of a specific knowledge base relevant to international conflicts, brings the most promising aspects of the digital age directly to the classroom. Students utilize their medium, the internet, in a constructive and powerful way to better understand the complexities of the global world that they will inherit.

One response to “Peaceconferencing 2011

  1. Skip Cole 24/07/2011 at 9:49 am

    Thanks for posting about this Rex.
    I know it is slow progress, but we keep improving the Peaceconferencing process, and preparing it for mass adoption.
    Just a general question: What percentage of students do you think we should try to hit? What percentage of students could benefit from participating in online role plays?
    Of course, it can be hard to get things into schools. Maybe we should also prepare this for an after school activity?

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