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Daily Archives: 23/07/2011

Peaceconferencing 2011

We’ve mentioned before at PAXsims the work that Kristen Druker at the Bishop’s School is doing using USIP’s Open Simulation Platform in the classroom. A new video on YouTube provides further insight into her efforts:

An online interactive program for schools, colleges, and the adult community that provides a gaming simulation based on world conflict resolved at a peace conference.

Through three phases of Peaceconferencing, students, teachers, librarians and adult educational communities interface online to support face to face and virtual mediation- negotiation simulations. The use of computer assisted learning, specifically a technology platform that is designed for community networking, as well as, the acquisition of a specific knowledge base relevant to international conflicts, brings the most promising aspects of the digital age directly to the classroom. Students utilize their medium, the internet, in a constructive and powerful way to better understand the complexities of the global world that they will inherit.

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