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Training to take down Qaddafi

The Washington Post has a piece today that examines how rebels in western Libya lack weapons and training, and are improvising in their struggle to overthrow the Qaddafi dictatorship. There’s a simulation dimension to all this too, as one group of rebel fighters noted with some self-depreciating humour:

Asked about their military training, a group of Berber rebels from the coastal town of Zuwarah answered, “Medal of Honor.” They explained it’s a first-person shooter video game popular on PlayStation.

Of course, in real combat the hits hurt more, you heal way slower, and you don’t respawn.

On the subject of Arab Spring “simulations” there is also Russian blogger Egor Zhgun’s brilliant “Three Big Bigs” video on the overthrow of the Ben Ali, Mubarak, and Qaddafi regimes:

NATO airstrikes haven’t been quite so effective as Zhgun suggested they would be, however—which is why, four months later, the Libyan rebels are still improvising.

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