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MMOWGLI update

Don Brutzman at the Naval Postgraduate School has provided an update on the phased roll-out of the crowd-sourcing/simulation platform, via the mmowgli game blog:

The MMOWGLI team is hard at work preparing for the next moves in the game.

Game Move 1 was successful, thanks to everyone who played! There were many interesting results, and they will be reported soon when the initial winners and awards are announced.

Game Move 2 is planned for the initial early-adopter population. We will test new capabilities for even-deeper collaboration to Take Action.

  • Planned dates for Move 2 are Tuesday-Thursday June 21-23, invitations will be sent out when ready
  • Planned dates for Move 3 are Tuesday-Thursday June 28-30, invitations will be sent out when ready

Additional work to “scale up” and bring in many more players is progressing well.  If you have already signed up, please stand by while we continue working hard to ensure an excellent game experience. If you haven’t signed up yet, please register and stay tuned.  Thanks!

The playtest will continue to explore the challenge posed by Somali piracy, so prospective participants should remember PAXsim’s handy collection of resources for simulated pirate-hunters.

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