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Daily Archives: 09/04/2011

Connections 2011

Connections is the only annual wargaming conference that brings together all three major elements of the field: military, commercial, and academic. This year it will be held 1-4 August at National Defense University, in Washington DC.

2011 is the 200th anniversary of modern wargaming… In keeping with this anniversary the theme of Connections 2011 is “The Next 200 Years of Wargaming – Expanding Our Scope” For example, Connections 2011 will explore how wargaming can evolve to effectively explore; science & technology alternatives, optimizing tooth and tail mix, orchestrating all of government responses. We explore this theme through; keynotes, four panels, three working groups, demos and a playtest…. Still, many believe the most valuable element of Connections is the chance to meet leaders from across the branches of wargaming.

You’ll find further information at the Connections website. I’m certainly hoping to attend.

USIP OSP update

OSP screenshot—click to enlarge.

The latest update on the USIP Open Simulation Platform from Skip Cole:

I just wanted to give a quick update and say “Thanks!” to some of the people in our community who are running great simulations and helping us improve the USIP OSP every day.

We have approximately 126 students doing simulations right now!

1.       At George Washington University (GWU), Cameron Chisholm (President of IPSI)  is using the USIP OSP in the course the Theory and Practice of Peacebuilding.  Thirty students there, in teams of six members at a time, have been creating simulations and conducting them weekly on Monday nights.

This class at GWU has contributed greatly to the development of the USIP OSP. The students have helped us find and fix several rough spots. In particular, I wanted to thank Justin Schoville for his recommendation that all of our tutorial pages have an email link on the bottom to make it easy for people to report bugs. As the platform keeps improving, the tutorials keep needing to be tweaked, and this recommendation will definitely help us quickly fix many issues.

2.       At The Bishop’s School, we have 96 students engaged in 14 simulations. Instructors Kristen Druker and Katie Crowley are facilitating the students through the Peaceconferencing process. Sheila Boehning and some of the students at The Bishop’s School (the ‘Tech Team’) are working on documentation to help students at other schools benefit from Peaceconferencing!

3.       Our Wiki is getting upgraded! (Apologies for all of the spam pages you may have seen on it.) Courtney Miller of Float Left is helping with that.

4.       We are finally getting some real programming help! Aspiration has been coordinating those activities.

If you are interested in trying our simulation “The Case of Palmyra ” with your students, please contact me.

Ronald “Skip” Cole
Senior Program Officer
United States Institute of Peace
(202) 457-1700 ext 4717

h/t OSP mailing list

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