Conflict simulation, peacebuilding, and development


Tufts University will be holding their annual field exercise in peace and stability operations (FIELDEX 2011) on 8-9 April 2011. FIELDEX is a collaborative, interdisciplinary initiative led by undergraduates from the student group ALLIES (Alliance Linking Leaders in Education and the Services) that seeks to expose participants to the difficulties of decision making during conflict, the complementary and competing interests of the stakeholders involved, and the inter- agency collaboration essential to a successful mission. FIELDEX  provides  students  with  an   experiential  learning  opportunity  that encourages  application  of  classroom  theories  to  simulated  real-­ world  crises; fosters greater understanding of the complexities of conflict; develops leadership, decision-making, and crisis-management skills; and offers insight into operational difficulties that students will likely face as future leaders in government, civilian, military, and non-governmental organizations.

Previous episodes of FIELDEX have been discussed here at PaxSims.

At the moment the FIELDEX website is still under construction. However, you can upload the latest version of the brochure by clicking the image on the left.

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