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Daily Archives: 10/02/2011

CFP: Red Teaming, Red Cells and Analytical Decision Support

This may be of interest to some PaxSims readers:

Call for Abstracts

As part of a government funded research project on Red Teaming, Red Cells and Analytical Decision Support, the Centre for Security, Armed Forces and Society (CSAS) of the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) will contract for a number of papers of 1500 to 5000 words. Authors of selected abstracts will receive 1000$ (Canadian) upon delivery of an acceptable paper. Papers will subsequently be edited for publication in journals. Abstracts must be received by February 23, 2011. Papers must be submitted by March 23, 2011.

Papers may address any of the following:

  • Red Teaming experiences
  • Red Teaming tools
  • Red Teaming best practices
  • Red Teaming in International Relations
  • Red Teaming in security policy
  • Challenge function in security decision making
  • Alternative Analysis
  • Alternative Perspectives
  • Red Cell operations
  • Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for employment of Red Cells and Red Teams
  • Interdisciplinary Red Teams
  • Coordination of Red Team activities across department or agency boundaries
  • Recruitment, selection, training and development of Red Teams
  • Mimetic and Digetic Red Teaming
  • Adapting private sector practices to security sector Red Teaming
  • Questioning assumptions: limits and constraints of Red Teaming
  • Necessity for Red Teams
  • Devil’s Advocacy and contrarian techniques in Red Teaming
  • Structured analytical techniques for Red Teaming
  • Developing imaginative thinking in Red Teams and Red Cells
  • Thinking techniques for Red Teaming

For further information please contact Will Chalmers at 613-541-6000 extension 6494 at the Centre for Security, Armed Forces and Society. Please submit abstracts to

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